Let's Talk About Your Dream Home

Preliminary Design Study

It all start with a site walkthrough, measurements

We will do a zoning research to understand the limitation of design

Some prefered design will required variances 

measure up, measure, unit of measurement-2737004.jpg

3D Modelling and 3D Visualization

We use latest and greatest technology during design process which enable us to share a detail 3D model and renders. You can see your future dream home much more realistic than other 2D drawings

Home Design

Zoning Review and Committee of Adjustment (if required)

We will prepare drawings for zoning review and apply for Committee of Adjustment if required

house plan, plan, drawing-5320958.jpg

Details Construction Drawings

We will proceed to work on construction drawings after zoning approval

We will coordinate between all consultants for the permit submission

We will submit to the city on client behalf

We will coordinate with city examiner until permit issued

Post Permit Approval

Clarify any question

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